Why One Busy Nurse Chose the UW Flexible Option’s RN to BSN Program

Self-motivation, organization, and a little flexibility can go a long way when it comes to earning your degree. Carla Lundeen knows this firsthand. As someone who is driven and organized, she was searching for that flexibility ingredient before heading back to school. Thanks to the University of Wisconsin Flexible Option’s RN to BSN program, Lundeen is now well on her way to completing her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“I started in February and my goal is to finish in 15 months,” Lundeen says. “So summer of 2015.” Read more…

Competency-Based Education Proving the Right Fit for Aspiring Working Adult

Norman Ramdohr wants to be in the driver’s seat of his future. After years of fine-tuning vehicles for others, the Audi technician says he’s ready to make a change and put his skills to use at a more advanced level. Now, he’s using the competency-based education offered by the University of Wisconsin Flexible Option to jump-start the future he wants.

“I have more to give,” Ramdohr says. “So often these days, you really need to have something to show as far as a degree is concerned. It’s not just enough to have skills. Going back to school was about combining my love of learning and wanting to do more with my abilities.”

Ramdohr, who received a degree in automotive technology from Wyo Tech (in Wyoming), started the online associate degree program through Flex in February with hopes of completing in early 2016. While Ramdohr considered several education programs over the years, funding and flexibility often became an issue.Read more…

Competency-Based Education: What It Is, How It’s Different, and Why It Matters to You

skillsEveryone is talking about competency-based education, and for good reason. New competency-based programs such as the UW Flexible Option have the potential to revolutionize higher education by personalizing student learning and making it possible for millions of adults to at last earn a college degree while balancing work and family.

But what is competency-based education, and how is it different from the traditional model? Most importantly, what does it mean to you?Read more…

A Lifetime as a Computer Wiz, and Soon an Information Science and Technology Degree to Show for It

Flexible Information Science and Technology student Michael Pelletier

Michael Pelletier programmed his first computer at the age of ten. Now, thanks to UW Flexible Option, his 20-year wish to finish his bachelor’s degree will be a reality when he earns a BS in Information Science and Technology.

In 1986, Top Gun hit the silver screen. Fighter jets and Tom Cruise, in his aviators and flight jacket, became the epitome of cool. The iconic movie made a big impression on Michael Pelletier—it was the inspiration behind his decision to study aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan in 1988. Now more than 20 years later, he is leaning on his knowledge of technology to complete a degree in Information Science and Technology through the University of Wisconsin Flexible Option program.

As someone who began programming computers in grade school, Pelletier was better versed in computer technology as a child than most adults. He secured a job as a systems administrator at the Computer Aided Engineering Network (CAEN) before he even cracked a book at U of M. He soon discovered he was more interested in computer systems than aerospace engineering, so Pelletier switched his major to focus on computer science programming. But just three semesters shy of graduation, Pelletier left school to start a full-time job to assist family.

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How Can You Earn a BSN Online with a Packed Schedule? Flexibility is Key, Says Flex Nursing Student

UW Flexible Option BSN online student

UW Flexible Option student Annie Seidcheck is able to take classes while working as a nurse for patients with neurological issues such as strokes, seizures, and brain injuries.

As a nurse in the neurological unit of Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Annie Seidcheck wants to stay at the top of her game. Nurses are always learning new things to stay up to date on the most cutting-edge practices. She believes, “It’s important to continue your education.” Her decision to return to school to complete her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) was based on three critical elements—her desire to advance professionally, a healthy amount of self-motivation, and the right tools to make it happen. Seidcheck found what she was looking for in the University of Wisconsin Flexible Option BSN online program.

“I like this program because I can do it on my own time,” Seidcheck says. “There’s not the barrier of having to be at class at a specific time. I can do it whenever I want, and that works great with my work schedule.”

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Competency-Based Education in the News: CNN and NPR Talk CBE and UW Flexible Option

CompetCNN features competency-based educationency-based education (CBE) programs have been all over the news lately, and a number of stories featured the UW Flexible Option. CNN included the program in the article called “Earn discounted course credits.”

It’s part of a larger piece called “Hacking College,” a self-proclaimed “cheat sheet” for a smoother college experience including tips on how to choose the right school, study smarter, and lower the cost of college.

What does it really mean to hack college?

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