You’re Smart.
Hardworking. You have the potential to go far.

But without a college degree, it’s not easy to get ahead. You’d like to go back to school, but how would you make it fit?

Now There’s a Flexible Option

Made especially for working adults with some college credits or significant work experience, the UW Flexible Option lets you earn the University of Wisconsin degree you’ve always wanted, but never had time to get. Choose from seven degree and certificate programs today—with more on the way!

Competency-Based Online Format is Focused on You

You are a busy adult and your time is precious. So who could think the traditional college model is the right fit for you? The competency-based UW Flexible Option sets you free from rigid course and semester schedules so you can work toward your degree at your pace—when, where, and how you want. Start any month, test when you are ready, and study only what you need to learn.

Earn Your Degree Faster—Or Take More Time If You Need It

With the Flexible Option, you make progress by passing assessments—tests, papers, and other projects—that show you have gained competencies—the skills and abilities essential to your degree. Access learning resources as you need them and master one competency to move on to the next. The pace of your progress is entirely up to you!

Save Time And Money By Applying The Knowledge And Experience You Already Have

You know things. You’ve done things. That should count for something—and now it does. The Flexible Option lets you use your existing knowledge (gained from prior courses, military training, work, and other experiences) to pass assessments for credit. You’ll study only what you need to learn and never waste time or money taking courses you don’t need.

Get Personalized, One-On-One Support

From your first day as a student, Flex pairs you with an Academic Success Coach whose role is to answer your questions, offer advice, and encourage you throughout your program. Your coach will help you to create a learning plan and timeline, set priorities, and even check in periodically to help you stay on track.

Receive a world-class University of Wisconsin education

A degree is only as good as the education behind it. Flexible Option programs are created by the same expert faculty using the same rigorous content and standards as traditional UW programs. That means you will earn the same high-quality University of Wisconsin degree that is recognized and respected by employers the world over.

What Flex Students Are Saying

  • Flex is about your work ethic. It’s based on how much you already know, and it’s very flexible. It really is self-based teaching in that it lets you use the knowledge you already have and helps you apply it to courses and assignments to learn even more.    —Craig Kilgo

  • My Academic Success Coach is one of the most amazing parts of my Flex program. She’s so great to work with and it’s nice to know I have one person I can call or email if I have a question. That consistency is reassuring.    —Carla Lundeen

  • I’ve had a lot of web design experience, and I completed a competency set easily because of that. In Flex, if you know the content, you don’t need to sit around and wait months to finish the class.    —Adam Doe

  • My job keeps me busy, so it’s helpful to be in control of my schedule. With Flex, I can make time for my schoolwork and still keep all the balls in the air.    —Michael Pelletier

  • My goal was to finish a BSN degree in one year, and I did it! Thanks to the self-paced Flexible Option format, I was able to complete 36 credits while working full time as an ER nurse.    —Lori Kenyon

  • Craig Kilgo
  • Carla Lundeen
  • Adam Doe
  • Michael Pelletier
  • Lori Kenyon

Advance Your Career—Or Start A New One

Choose from several exciting programs, with more on the way:

Associate of Arts & Science

Start a bright new future! Earn your online AAS degree from UW Colleges and satisfy the general education requirements of all University of Wisconsin four-year institutions.

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Nursing (RN to BSN)

Earn your online bachelor of science degree in Nursing from UW-Milwaukee—and gain the valuable credential you need to compete for jobs in the rapidly changing field of health care.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Take the next step in your professional imaging career—earn your online bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging from UW-Milwaukee.

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Information Science & Technology

Earn your online bachelor of science degree in Information Science and Technology (IST) from UW Milwaukee. Focus your IT competencies and expand your skills through a personally created degree plan.

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Business & Technical Communications

Earn your online Business and Technical Communications certificate from UW-Milwaukee. Get the writing, research, communication, and technology skills today’s professional careers require.

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Global Skills

Earn your 13-credit, online Global Skills certificate from UW-Parkside. Learn the skills you need to succeed in diverse cultural environments when working and traveling on the international level.

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Become a professional sales leader. Get a competitive advantage with the knowledge and real-world skills taught in this self-paced, 13-credit online certificate program from UW-Parkside.

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Find out more about this personalized and convenient way to earn a University of Wisconsin degree or certificate. Your Info Kit includes an 8-page introduction to this innovative education option and details about our current program offerings (PDF). Download it now!

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