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Online Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging degree completion program

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Available for the first time in the UW Flexible Option format, the Biomedical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging degree completion program offered by the UW-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences presents imaging professionals with a new opportunity to advance their education and careers.

This bachelor of science degree requires a minimum of 120 credits and is available to individuals who hold active ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography), ARMRIT (American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists), ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists), or CCI (Cardiovascular Credentialing International) registry and have completed an associate degree or hospital-based program.

The program is specifically designed for the professional interested in obtaining a bachelor of science degree. The program paves the way for getting a degree that matches experience professionals have already acquired. This degree can help students stay competitive in today’s job market and advance in their careers.

Areas of Study

To earn this degree, students must fulfill the General Education Requirements necessary for a UWM bachelor’s degree, any elective requirements, and the unique competency sets that define this program:

Foundation competencies


  • HS 102—Healthcare Delivery in the United States
  • BMS 205—Introduction to Diagnostic Medicine
  • HCA 220—Leading Healthcare Professionals
  • BMS 245—Client Diversity in Health Sciences required for CD credit
  • BMS 260—Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine GER SS

Advanced Health Sciences/Diagnostic Imaging 

  • BMS 301—Human Pathophysiology-Fundamentals
  • BMS 302—Human Pathophysiology-Organ Systems 1
  • BMS 303—Human Pathophysiology-Organ Systems 2
  • BMS 304—Human Pathophysiology-Organ Systems 3
  • BMS 305—Human Pathophysiology-Organ Systems 4
  • KIN 400—Ethics and Values in the Health and Fitness Profession
  • BMS 459—Seminar in Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Introduction to 3D/4D Imaging
  • BMS 463—Seminar in Management and Education
  • HCA 590—Information Systems for Health Professions
  • BMS 549—Professional Development in Biomedical Sciences
  • BMS 600—Contrast Imaging
  • BMS 601—Molecular Imaging


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The UW Flexible Option is especially designed for self-motivated nontraditional students who want their previous schooling, work skills, and prior knowledge to apply toward degrees or certificates. The competency-based and self-paced format of the UW Flexible Option fits the schedules of students who must balance work and family responsibilities with educational goals. Because most Flexible Option competencies and assessments are delivered online, students have the opportunity to learn when and where they choose.

This self-paced program is ideally suited for:

  • Professionals holding an active registry from ARDMS, ARMRIT, ARRT, or CCI. Students who have completed an associate degree or hospital-based diploma program in a diagnostic imaging discipline AND who hold current, active registry from ARDMS, ARMRIT, ARRT, or CCI will be awarded 60 credits toward the 120-credit degree completion minimum.
  • Motivated, disciplined self-starters who can work independently.
  • Those who recognize the value of a University of Wisconsin degree.

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The UW Flexible Option offers working adults a more affordable way to earn a UW degree or certificate. Instead of paying by course or by credit, Flex lets you pay a flat rate for a three-month subscription period. You won’t spend valuable time or money sitting through courses you don’t need. If you already know the material, you may be able to pass assessments more quickly, and potentially accelerate your time to graduation.

Find out more about tuition for the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging by visiting the Tuition & Financial Aid page.


The UW Flexible Option offers a new way to earn a college degree or certificate, different from both face-to-face classroom instruction and traditional online instruction. As a student in a this program, you will:

  • Start when you want, at the beginning of any month. Your progress is not limited by a traditional semester or term-based schedule, and you can take breaks in between subscription periods if and when you need to.

  • Earn credit using existing knowledge. You may draw upon prior learning to complete assessments and make progress toward your degree or certificate. It does not matter where you gained your knowledge—from prior courses, work experience, military training, or other learning experiences. If you know it and can show it, you can use it to earn credit.
  • Advance at your own pace. Progress toward your degree or certificate is based on assessments of key competencies determined by UW faculty, not seat time in a classroom. Take assessments whenever you are ready. Pass one and move on to the next.
  • Receive personalized support. A dedicated Academic Success Coach will work with you to create your learning plan and a timeline tailored to fit your goals and knowledge. Your coach will help you prepare for assessments and point you to the learning resources you need to succeed.
  • Learn skills employers value. By passing assessments of critical competencies, you will prove your mastery of the skills and knowledge that are important to employers.

Best of all, you will graduate with a degree or certificate from a University of Wisconsin institution that is recognized and respected.

Be sure to visit our FAQs page for more information about the Flexible Option format, how it differs from traditional online and face-to-face programs, and how it works.

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